Hyokan Plus

By combining Hyokan technology with fantastic technologies from other companies, we can achieve even more amazing long-term storage.
Based on the experimental data and experience we have cultivated so far, we will introduce technologies and products that can be expected to be more effective when combined with Hyokan technology.

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Freshness preservation bags

VegeFresh / Horix

These bags control oxygen and CO2, regulating respiration and maintaining freshness. Large bags that can be used with containers are also available.

Aura Pack / Belle Green Wise

Aura Pack are freshness preservation bags with water activation, anti-fogging, and moderate breathability for regulating air and moisture.

Palfresh / Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc.

Palfresh are freshness preservation bags that feature a high-performance anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral film.

Humidity control sheet

Fresh Master / Unicharm Corporation

These bags reduce drip loss of meat and fish, as well as inhibiting discoloration and odors. When storing fruits or vegetables, they absorb moisture, keeping the produce fresh.

Polystyrene foam

Various styrofoam containers / Hane Corporation

The excellent insulation properties of Styrofoam and the use of highly airtight fittings enhance the cold retention effect, and maintain freshness without losing moisture and nutrients from storage to transportation.

Meat / fish aging sheets

Aging sheets / Meat Epoch

The sheet fabric is impregnated with Zygomycota (a kind of microorganism used in fermentation) to promote aging. Aging a product with these sheets can enhance its flavor.

Ethylene removal/decomposition

VEG-FINE / Universal Engraving Systems Inc.

A special catalytic activated coconut charcoal creates a CA environment inside the bag.

Logistics boxes

Foldable storage boxes / TOPPAN Inc.

Foldable storage boxes with lasting heat resistance and durability.

DNP multi-function insulated boxes / Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Thermally insulated boxes that hold their temperature for a long time without using any power.

Germicidal lamps

Steril Keeper / Chubu Techno Co., Ltd.

Reduces mold that builds up on unit coolers. They can be installed in existing unit coolers and maintain a hygienic environment by removing mold, bacteria, and viruses.