Case studies

Commercial Hyokan Fridges

Used for a wide range of overall food storage applications, from primary storage for frequently used items to longer-term storage for aging.

Walk-in Coolers

We have a variety of storage options, so we can provide you with equipment that best suits how you operate and the foods you store. We can also install Hyokan into walk-in coolers already in use.

Commercial Hyokan Fridges

Bistro Katato

Bistro Karato is a casual French restaurant that uses our products. They are part of the Lumière group, which has been awarded Michelin starts for 12 consecutive years.

Not only are they able to preserve the freshness of their first-class ingredients, but they are also able to reduce loss of their additive-free vegetable purees.

URL: ビストロカラト

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Sushi Tanaka

They serve tuna and fatty tuna aged for nearly a month in Hyokan fridges. Thanks to Hyokan, they have been able to reduce loss of various seafood products to zero.

They aim to impress their guests with dishes such as their delicious botan shrimp or sea urchin, also aged for one to two weeks.

URL: 鮨たな華(Instagramアカウント)

#Sushi #Hokkaido #Aging

Ichiriki Marche

When Okumura Store, originally established in 1976, reopened as Ichigiri Marche, they installed Hyokan refrigerators.

We supplied them with glass door reach-in models for selling products in their storefront, as well as walk-in coolers for back of house storage. Our goal was to create a new model for supermarkets.

URL: 一里木マルシェ(Instagramアカウント)

#Supermarket #Glass Door Reach-In


Ueken is a top purveyor of high-quality fresh fish at the Toyosu Market. They are so famous as a wholesaler of conger eel that their name is basically synonymous with the fish.

With the introduction of Hyokan, they are now able to provide top-quality fish for sushi at Michelin three-star restaurants and sushi shops.

URL: 株式会社ウエケン

#Fish #Wholesale Marcket


Volare, which serves fermented foods made from carefully selected ingredients, started using Hyokan in 2016.

They serve a menu that celebrates the fascination of food, using aging (about two weeks for fish and four for meat) to bring out each ingredient’s maximum flavor.

URL: Volare

#Fermented foods #Italian

NTT East

We started a collaboration with NTT East in 2021, combining their IoT technology and our Hyokan technology with the goal of visualizing an ideal system for storage and transportation of food products.

Installation sites: Sakuho Town Hall, Nagano Prefecture; Akita Prefectural University; Itakoto Inc.; Chikuma City, Nagano Prefecture; NTT East Japan Branches (NTT East Headquarters; Fukushima, Miyagi, Iwate, Akita, Aomori, Yamagata, Chiba, and Ibaraki Branches)

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Walk-In Coolers

Bitchu Nouen

Bichu Nouen, a farm in Gifu Prefecture, began using Hyokan walk-in coolers in 2018. Combining Hyokan refrigeration with Aura Pack bags, they ship corn to customers that is as fresh as when it was just picked.

Their corn, called “Asanama Tomorokoshi”, can be eaten raw. It has a high sugar content of over 16 brix and a delicious crunch that will make you smile.

URL: 備中農園 朝生とうもろこし

#Farm #Private Brand Corn #Aging

Kamon Group

Kamon Group is a Nagoya company that serves a selection of seasonal fish dishes. We have installed Hyokan fridges in each of their shops, as well as their central kitchen.

Using Hyokan, they can purchase large stocks of fish when prices are low, reducing costs by roughly ¥10,000 per shop per day. In addition, they can reduce the number of deliveries to individual stores from every day to only three or four times a week. This means the central factory has three days off per week.

URL: 嘉文グループ

#Fish #Central Kitchen

Izumi Farmers’ Hana no Mori

Hana no Mori is a specialty shop devoted to farmers that sells fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, processed foods, forest products, handicrafts, fresh fish, and quality meats.

They use Hyokan walk-ins in their back of house, allowing them to offer customers local products at the peak of freshness.

URL: 株式会社いずみファーマーズ 葉菜の森

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After installing Hyokan walk-ins for the long-term storage and aging of Hida Beef, they also began using our commercial units.

In addition, they switched from dry aging to wet aging. This led to a new brand named “Bijuku” and the realization of their desire to sell their products as gifts.

URL: 馬喰一代

#Beef #Hida Beef #Aging

Sun Marche

Sun Marche, who produce and sell mikan in Ehime Prefecture, installed 100m² of Hyokan walk-in refrigeration in 2022.

By adopting push-back rack style storage, they were able to minimize the number of aisles and maximize storage space, allowing them to stock a large volume of satsumas.

URL: 株式会社サンマルシェ

#Orange #Pallet, Pushback Rack

Yume Mirai

In the past, Yume Mirai could only store their chestnuts for up to a week, but through repeated experiments with Hyokan, they have settled on a method that allows them to store raw nuts for up to a year before distribution.

URL: 株式会社ゆめみらい

#Chestnut #Walk-in Cooler

Hana no Reiwa

Hana no Reiwa, a flower wholesaler in Nagoya, installed a Hyokan system into their walk-in cooler, providing long-term storage and the ability to adjust when their flowers bloom.

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