Walk-In Coolers

At Hyokan Surprise, we design and build our own prefabricated walk-in coolers.
Unlike with our commercial refrigerators, it is possible to install Hyokan technology into your existing walk-in coolers.
In order to offer the best proposals, we consider you situation from all angles, including intended use and budget.

How to store foods in a Hyokan Walk-in

We offer four main methods for arranging your stock, depending on your desired storage method.
*Combinations of these styles are available upon request

The platforms are designed to match the size of your walk-in. Floorspace is left between the platforms so food can be brought in via hand truck. This style is best for stacked containers or storing other heavy items.

Voltage is transferred within the fridge via the shelving itself. This is best suited for items that are more difficult to stack, such as cardboard boxes or food stored in trays. The number of shelves and the shelve width/depth can be customized at your request.

Voltage is applied to goods via the pallet racks. Foods can be kept as-is on pallets and moved via forklift.

Pallets can be placed on shuttles that can be pushed to the back of the rack. The racks can be filled with pallets without the need for aisles in between.
Reference: Pushback Racks Video

Walk-In Planning and Construction Process

Site survey

We measure and check the conditions of the planned installation site and discuss existing issues and requests with clients.

Creation and confirmation of plans and estimates

We make plans and estimates based on current operation and utilization.

Confirmation of order and construction date

The process from placing an order to the start of construction takes about one month. If preliminary electrical work is required, construction will be scheduled for after that work is completed.
(*Preliminary electrical work is not included in the Hyokan system construction.)

Delivery of construction schedule

Construction of the cooler and Hyokan system begins. Construction time will depend on whether the Hyokan system is being installed in an existing walk-in or as part of a completely new one.

Hyokan setup and handover

At the time of handover, we carry out a test run and review the operation and usage of the system with the customer.


After installation, we provide customers with the latest use-cases and know-how to make sure you get the most use out of the system. We also provide support should you encounter any difficulties.