About us

Message from the CEO

CEO Hirotaka Sakakibara

When I first encountered Hyokan Co., who develop and manufacture the core Hyokan technology, I really believed their tech could solve food storage problems, and so I founded our company in 2013.

We have worked in collaboration with other companies to conduct numerous experiments and have collected a large amount of data on Hyokan storage, including data from our own customers. We are proud of the know-how we have built up about how to best use the technology.

There is nothing particularly difficult about using a Hyokan unit. However, because these refrigerators are a bit unique, we will continue to follow up with you after purchase to make sure you get the most out of them.

In addition to commercial Hyokan refrigerators, we also offer walk-in coolers equipped with Hyokan. We handle everything from design to construction.

In the future, we shall, of course, continue to support the secondary and tertiary sectors, but we are also dedicated to creating a primary industry in which agricultural products can be held as “inventory”.

Company profile

Trade nameHyokan Surprise co., ltd.
EstablishmentJune, 2013
CEOHirotaka Sakakibara
Capital8 million yen
Location〒478-0035 Yomoda 77-1, Okusa, Chita-shi, Aichi
BusinessCommercial Hyokan refrigerator manufacturing, sales, and distribution.
Construction licenseOrdinary construction license No. 068973, General building, Granted by Aichi Prefectural Governor


〒478-0035 Yomoda 77-1, Okusa, Chita-shi, Aichi